Low Countries, Lvtzenbvrg Dvcatvs, 1665, Blaeu auth., map on heavy cotton canvas, 50 x 70 cm


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This is but one map from the epic 11 volume "Atlas Major" or "Cosmographia Blaviana" authored by Joan Blaeu (1596 - 1673) long considered to be the greatest atlas ever published.

First published in 1662, it contained 594 maps and 3,368 pages of text. It definitively represented the state of geographical knowledge of the world and certainly excelled in its artistic content, scope, engraving, color and overall production. Each individually map was originally painted by hand with watercolors.

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This map has been carefully restored and recreated onto a heavy 100% cotton canvas and not a fragile paper. My maps can be easily rolled to be presented as a gift or retrieved from storage to be unrolled to reveal a fascinating historical conversation piece. Search your family history and geneology.

The map appearance I am trying to achieve is that of a map that has been bound in an atlas that has been lovingly cared for over the last 100+ years, with the original hand coloring. On certain monitors and smart phones, colors may look excessively bright because your screen is lit from behind. I can assure you that the colors will not be so garish when you receive your map. Instead you will be appreciative of the heft and quality of the highly textured canvas, which can sustain a certain amount of rolling up and abuse. These were designed to be heirlooms.

Your item has a durable protective coating which would allow it to be framed without heavy, glaring glass. Feel free to touch it!

Frame it yourself! Not all that hard to do. A rustic looking frame will enhance its appearance or just use the 4 map pins, provided at no charge, to tack to your wall or message board. There's also a little piece of decorative string to tie your map if you are gifting it!

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